Every Soap Tells a Story

When you reach for your soap, reach beyond an ordinary experience. You deserve a bath and body product that provides an escape, whisking you away with the sight, smell, and touch of something wonderful. You want something sophisticated, but not artificial. You want something natural, but not dull. Anto combines enchanting contemporary artwork with first-rate, small-batch bath products that will transform an ordinary moment into an instant of functional beauty.





A work of Art, From the Heart


In my former life performing remote fieldwork in the traditional territories of Yukon First Nations, I would draw immense inspiration from the natural world around me. My experiences in these gorgeous, rugged landscapes deeply influence the way I approach soap today. Picking fireweed under the northern lights, flying into mountain lakes to collect glacial silt, gathering rosehips in the midnight sun: I want to pass these moments on—through an inhale, an instant, an impression. It’s soap that tells its own story.

It's not just the call of nature that makes Anto Yukon special, however. It's the call of imagination too. Each morning I savor the experience of choosing my coffee cup from the shelf, selecting from my collection of ceramics. The cup is a functional item, but a thoughtful one. It’s a carefully created work of art. That’s the same feeling I want to evoke with Anto, from the moment you see the package to the way you smell it on your skin midday. It’s natural production combined with artful design, beauty above all.

- Kym Rempel, Anto Yukon Founder and General Manager